CMIP6 Data Citation and Long-Term Archival
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I. Data Citation / Data References

Motivation and Concept

For the evolving CMIP6 data disseminated by ESGF (Earth System Grid Federation) an early citation reference has been requested by WGCM CMIP6. These data references have to meet the requirements of Force 11’s ‘Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles’ . The mayor publishers in Earth Sciences have signed the Commitment to Enabling FAIR Data in the Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences and are changing their author guidelines, accordingly. For the CMIP6 data subset transferred in the long-term archive of the IPCC DDC (Data Distribution Centre) AR6, the established DataCite data publication is planned. The data citations are provided on model/MIP and simulation granularities to meet different citation requirements in literature.

Details of the concept are described in the WIP White Paper .
Survey Results (2021): .

Statistics of DOI registrations:

DataCite statistics for repository ESGF:

Information for Data Users

Find Data References (see also blob post at
Core citation information is displayed in the ESGF portal including a link to the landing page with complete citation information. CMIP6 data citations are also discoverable in
with available filter options:
  • filter by DRS: mipEra, activityId, institutionId, sourceId, experimentId
  • filter by granularity: granularity=[exp|model]
  • filter by date (in ISO 8601 format): gePublicationDate=YYYY-MM-DD: DOI published at or after a given date;
    lePublicationDate=YYYY-MM-DD: DOI published before or at a given date
Sample Calls:
  1. Data references on experiment (fine) granularity for a given source_id and activity_id:
  2. Update data references of request 1. with data references published at or after a given date:
  3. Data references on model/MIP (coarse) granularity contributing to an activity_id available at a given snap-shot date:

Information for Modeling Centers

Information for ESGF Data Node Managers and other infrastructure developers

All technical components of the citation service and the long-term archival in the DDC are summarized with examples in the specification document at: [outdated].

Data Node Managers should check the completion of the data reference information. The citation service provides a specific API for this:
with a JSON formatted response and the following AND-connected attributes: institutionId, sourceId, complete (true|false), drsId

Example Calls:

CMIP6 Data Citation Service Development

User Workflows for the Data Citation Service
Figure 1: Citation Workflows and API for Data Citation Information Access.

The integration of the service in the ESGF was co-ordinated by the ESGF-QCWT (Quality Control Working Team).


II. CMIP6 Long-Term Archival and IPCC DDC AR6

IPCC DDC AR6 Reference Data Archive (

The long-term archival in the DDC adds a level of curation and long-term availability to the data according to the TRUST principles (Transparency, Responsibility, User Focus, Sustainability, Technology; Lin et al., 2020, This ensures FAIR data remains FAIR. Tasks are:
  • Metadata Enrichment with information on model, simulation, experiment, errata, citation, quality based on the CMIP6 Controlled Vocabulary and ancillary metadata resources available via the ESGF index
  • Long-Term Archival (LTA) of CMIP6 snapshot data at DKRZ and DataCite DOI registration including Quality Checks
  • Transfer of LTA data into IPCC DDC AR6 and documentation on web pages

Additional non-CMIP6 input/source data, which is not long-term archived in a TRUSTed repository can be archived in the IPCC DDC as supplementary data.

IPCC DDC support of IPCC AR6 Working Groups and authors

The DDC supports the IPCC authors during the preparation of the AR6 via:



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