CMIP6 Data Citation and Long-Term Archival
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I. Data Citation / Data References

Motivation and Concept

For the evolving CMIP6 data disseminated by ESGF (Earth System Grid Federation) an early citation reference is requested by WGCM CMIP6. This citation reference have to meet the requirements of Force 11’s ‘Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles’ . For the CMIP6 data subset transferred in the long-term archive of the IPCC-DDC (Data Distribution Centre) AR6, the established DataCite data publication using DOIs is planned. The data citations are provided on model and simulation granularities to meet different citation requirements in literature. Core citation information will be displayed in the ESGF portal including a link to the landing page with complete citation information.

The Data Citation of Evolving Data: Recommendations of the RDA Working Group on Data Citation recommend the use of two citations for evolving data: the citation of the full evolving data and the citation of the used data subset. The implementation of an additional ESGF Data Cart content identifier together with the necessary policies for long-term data availability and terms of use for citation are under investigation.

Details of the concept are described in the WIP White Paper .

Information for Modeling Centers

CMIP6 Data Citation Service Development

User Workflows for the Data Citation Service
Figure 1: Citation Workflows and API for Data Citation Information Access.

The Data Citation Service is funded by DKRZ and BMBF (project: CMIP6-DICAD). The integration of the service in the ESGF was co-ordinated by the ESGF-QCWT (Quality Control Working Team).


II. CMIP6 Long-Term Archival and IPCC-DDC AR6

IPCC-DDC AR6 Reference Data Archive:

  • Metadata Enrichment with information on model, simulation, experiment, errata, citation, quality based on the CMIP6 Controled Vocabulary and ancillary metadata resources available via the ESGF index
  • Long-Term Archival (LTA) of CMIP6 snapshot data in WDCC (World Data Center for Climate) and DataCite DOI registration
  • Transfer of LTA data into IPCC-DDC AR6 and documentation on web pages

IPCC-DDC support of IPCC AR6 Working Groups and authors



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Data Citation
(ESGF Conference 2015, Monterey, CA, USA.)
Data Citation
(ESGF Conference 2016, Washington DC, USA.)
(ESGF Conference 2016, Washington DC, USA.)


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