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Latest news

CMIP6-BMBF: 2-year BMBF-CMIP6 project meeting
The next project meeting will take place 4 september in seminar room 23 at DKRZ, Hamburg
Added by Stephanie Legutke 4 months ago

CMIP6-BMBF: DKRZ Userworkshop and -training
Added by Fabian Wachsmann over 1 year ago

RAPS: New RAPS benchmarks from MPIM are available
The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology provides ICON and cgribex as RAPS benchmarks.
Added by Luis Kornblueh over 5 years ago

RAPS: New RAPS benchmark available
The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology makes it latest coupled model MPIESM1 available for RAPS benchmarking.
Added by Luis Kornblueh almost 6 years ago

CKD Workshop: 4th CKD Workshop @ SC'12 - Submissions now online
Submissions to our CKD workshop at SC'12 are now available.
Added by Tobias Weigel almost 6 years ago

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