Best Practices for Modeling Centers to provide data citation information

  1. Use the GUI at
    • to provide information on persons, institutes, references
    • recommendation to provide ORCID for persons, paper and input4MIPs references
    • to create a single detailed data citation template for API use
      -> go to 'Completed Citations' tab and open link ('view') to citation landing page:
      -> export the JSON representation from the landing page
  1. Prepare for API usage (requirements: python 2.6+):
    • check if the API server is reachable: 'ping'
    • store your user credentials in $HOME/.netrc
  1. Use the API
    • modify the JSON template (see JSON example for changeable contents), esp. the 'subject' of type 'DRS' and the title
    • run the API client with the modified JSON file
    • check the result on the landing page (the link is part of the API response)