WIP letter to provide citation managers (19.01.2016)

Dear CMIP6 Modeling Group Contacts,

As part of the terms of use for CMIP6 model output, users are obliged to cite CMIP6 data when it is used in publications (see A web-based service has been set up to associate with each dataset in the CMIP6 archive the appropriate citation information. Data users will be able to access citation information via the ESGF portal and the further_info_url global attribute in the netCDF files.

Someone at your institution must be responsible for entering and maintaining citation information in the citation GUI . With this email we request the following contact information for that individual (so that an account can be set up):

  • Person: name, email, ORCID (if available), affiliation and
  • Specification of the data, for which this person is responsible, according to the Controled Vocabulary ( ): source_id and institute_id

    Send this information to Martina Stockhause () who can also answer any questions you have.

Please note that before your account can be set up you must also register your institution and model(s) following the instructions at the bottom of the following webpage:

Best regards,
Karl Taylor and V. Balaji
co-chairs of the WGCM Infrastructure Panel (WIP)