CMIP5 Data Quality Control

Overall QC Workflow (half size image)


The Quality Control process is part of the CMIP5 ( data infrastructure.

The CMIP5 QC procedure is described in:

Stockhause, M., Höck, H., Toussaint, F., and Lautenschlager, M.:
Quality assessment concept of the World Data Center for Climate and its application to CMIP5 data,
Geosci. Model Dev., 5, 1023-1032, 2012, doi:10.5194/gmd-5-1023-2012 .

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Three levels are defined within the CMIP5 Quality Control (QC):

QC Level 0: Spot checks on selected data (informal)

_ QC Level 1 QC Level 2 QC Level 3 / DOI
Description CMOR2 and ESG publisher conformance checks Data consistency checks Double- and cross-checks of data and metadata
and data publication as DataCite DOI
Data preliminary;
no user notification about changes;
performed for all data;
metadata may not be complete
no user notification about changes;
performed for CMIP5 requested metadata and data
published and persistent data with version and unique DOI as persistent identifier;
user notification about changes;
performed for replicated data
Access constrained to CMIP5 modeling centers constrained to non-commercial research and educational purposes constrained to non-commercial research and educational purposes or open for unrestricted use (as specified by the modeling centers)
Access Control PCMDI on behalf of WMO/WGCM PCMDI, BADC, WDCC/DKRZ core data archives on behalf of WMO/WGCM IPCC-DDC on behalf of TGICA
Citation no citation reference informal citation reference (preliminary author and title)
recommendation: author:<modeling center>, title:<DRS experiment>, data identifier:<data node or gateway link>, date of download
formal citation reference
as displayed on the DOI landing page
Quality Flag "automated conformance checks passed" "subjective quality control passed" "approved by author"
(in case of newer DOI available:
"approved by author, but suspended")

See also the documents at Description of CMIP5 Quality Control Procedures .

Quality Control of ESG Federation

Quality Control level 1 and 2 are performed by all ESGF partners. Quality Control level 3 / DOI data publication is accomplished by WDC Climate / DKRZ. The checks and criteria for the assignment and detailed QC workflows are described for the different QC levels:

The granularity of the QC, i.e. the level of aggregation of QC results in CMIP5 context is displayed in cmip5_qc_granularity.png.

Criteria for QC level assignment are found on the above pages and directly reached via:

The interface to the ESG gateways as well as available services are listed at

Status of QC checks within CMIP5


Tools used for the QC checks of level 2 and 3 are described, - in case of QC level 2 tools including requirements, installation and run instructions.

Meetings / Telcos

Quality Control outside ESGF

Outside the Quality Control of ESGF we offer the QC core tool to data nodes interested in quality checking their data before delivery to one of the ESGF partners (PCMDI, BADC, WDCC/DKRZ).

Note: There is an ongoing discussion about the direct use of these QC results of data nodes in CMIP5 and whether to use the QC Wrapper at data nodes.