The current language standards a benchmark requires are Fortran 2003 and C/C++. For parallel applications this can be extended by MPI and OpenMP.

The following items should support vendors in testing their compiler, MPI, OpenMP, and operating systems. This small test sets are supposed to be extended in the future.
Currently available are test cases for

  • Fortran 2003
  • Fortran 2008

We expect to have more test cases available in the near future

A second task is to provide a forum for common infrastructure projects

Proposals for developing two components which are important for the near future are made:

  • a common parallel I/O software library
  • a common lightweight measurement/tools software library

As a base for the first one, the parallel I/O library, the efforts of the German ScaLES project and ECMWFs FDB could be looked into. Due to the fact that it is not really known, what is out there with potential other interested groups, this is only what came to my mind.

For the lightweight measurement tools ECMWFs (actually Sami Saarinens) DrHook might be a good point to start with.

One of the most important aspects of such projects should be a high professional standard and not the normal quality level of home grown solutions.

Last RAPS is meant to provide recent benchmarks of production codes

This production codes can be requested from the participating operational and research centres. A talk on the best practices could be found in the Documents section.

Software test cases made available by the modelling community

Software projects


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