Fortran 2003

Fortran 2003 examples

Due to bugs in provided codes, updates had been necessary for three codes. The following tests are affected:

  • DWD: Enhancements to ALLOCATE statement
  • DWD: Procedure pointer
  • ECMWF: cg minimisation of a quadratic cost function

All codes provided in the download are proper Fortran 2003 to our knowledge.

Examples from Deutscher Wetterdienst

  • TR 15581: allocatable arrays as dummy arguments dwd/f2003-tr15581-1.f90
  • TR 15581: allocatable function results dwd/f2003-tr15581-2.f90
  • TR 15581: allocatable array components dwd/f2003-tr15581-3.f90
  • Control of access from a module dwd/f2003_access.f90
  • IMPORT dwd/f2003_import.f90
  • Enhancements to ALLOCATE statement dwd/f2003_allocate_1.f90
  • Array constructors dwd/f2003_array_1.f90
  • Enhancement to complex constants dwd/f2003_constants.f90
  • Enhancements to MIN/MAX/MINVAL/MAXVAL/MINLOC/MAXLOC dwd/f2003_intrinsics_1.f90
  • IOMSG specifier dwd/f2003_iomsg.f90
  • MOVE_ALLOC dwd/f2003_move_alloc.f90
  • Assignment to allocatable arrays dwd/f2003_realloc.f90
  • Pointer assignment, remapping of rank-1 arrays dwd/f2003_pointer_assign.f90
  • Pointer intent dwd/f2003_pointer_intent.f90
  • Procedure pointer dwd/f2003_procptr_1.f90
  • Abstract interface, procedure pointer in derived type dwd/f2003_procptr_2.f90
  • VALUE attribute dwd/f2003_value.f90
  • VOLATILE attribute dwd/f2003_volatile.f90
  • environment access dwd/f2003_environment.f90

Examples from European Centre for Medium Weather Forecast

  • CG-minimisation of a quadratic cost function ecmwf/

Examples from Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

  • iso_fortran_env mpim/f2003_test_01.f90
  • IEEE arithmetic mpim/f2003_test_02.f90
  • Enumerator mpim/f2003_test_03.f90
  • iso_c_binding and MPI2's mpi_alloc_mem mpim/f2003_test_04.f90
  • iso_c_binding and function pointer - pthread usage mpim/pthread.f90
  • Generic container, unlimited polymorphic example mpim/linked_list.f90
  • Factory pattern mpim/factory_pattern.f90

Status of compilers with respect to the RAPS test set

Download codes

RAPS_f2003_20111209.tar.bz2 (12.5 KB) Luis Kornblueh, 12/09/2011 05:48 PM