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Overview of PRACE /IS-ENES collaboration

This joint research activity is part of the PRACE / IS-ENES collaboration on high resolution climate model performances.
Related activities (PRACE2IP, PRACE Program Access) will be described on IS-ENES portal

Proposal, meeting minutes : meetings
December 2011: 1 year report teleconference : access presentations

Final report PRACE 1IP


EC-EARTH on PRACE supercomputers

  • 1. Make a performance analysis of the high-resolution configuration of the coupled EC-EARTH 3 on different platforms.
    PRACE/SARA 2PM, IS-ENES/NSC 2PM. Chandan Basu
  • 3. Improve the coupling implementation, upgrading to OASIS3-MCT .
  • 4. Mapping of MPMD hybrid MPI+OpenMP threads and MPI-only tasks efficiently onto cores on different architectures.
    PRACE/SARA 2PM+IS-ENES 2PM. John Donners
  • 5. Investigate if CUDA-enabled routines can improve the scalability of the coupled or atmosphere-only model.
    PRACE/ICHEC 2PM. Alastair McKinstry
  • 6. Investigate and improve scalability of I/O within IFS and NEMO.
    PRACE /NTNU4.5PM + IS-ENES/IPSL 1PM. Vegard Eide
  • 8. Optimize the mapping of MPI tasks of the submodel NEMO (possibly also IFS) to cores on different architectures.
    PRACE/SARA 1PM + IS-ENES 1PM John Donners
  • 9. Implement dynamical memory allocation and load-balanced domain decomposition.
    PRACE/STFC 6PM. Andrew Porter
  • 11. Improve the efficiency of CDO for postprocessing of GRIB data
    PRACE/SARA 1PM. John Donners