16/02/2011 Meeting minutes

-the access to the PRACE machines is being processed. Access for IS-ENES
members is expected from April.
-the online collaboration tools are ready. Eric Maisonnave made a wiki page
with an overview of all actions. Could everybody fill in some
information for their
action?: a description, possibly substeps, (links to) relevant reports,
timeline, and what's been
achieved so far.
-PRACE WP7 f2f is on 30th of May, where an update about EC-EARTH to
PRACE is expected.
What do you expect to have achieved by that date (action ready, analysis
done, first steps, ..)?
Does IS-ENES have an upcoming meeting that could be used as a guide for
the timeline?

1. Chandan will share a short report of performance analysis on
different platforms. He's looking
for tools to get more details (and I should still send an email about that).
2. Not all IFS-supported grids are tested yet. Moritz Hanke (DKRZ) will
work on OASIS issues, like
interpolation and restart files.
3. Effort decided.
4. EC-EARTH 3 (by now) compiled on Huygens Power6, but not yet tested.
5. Work started this week: memory usage, data movement, DrHook, Alastair
will ask ECMWF
about fast Legendre transforms.
6. Work started.
7. IC3 shared a presentation with a python framework for ensemble
simulations. I asked
PRACE about the viability of that setup.
8. Porting of ORCA12 (to Huygens Power6) is ongoing.
9. Ongoingg
10. Porting of ORCA12 (to Huygens Power6) is ongoing.
11. CDO test is under investigation. First results will be put on wiki.