The Carrot or what is the benefit (CMIP6 CITE Letter 201806)

Dear ...

my name is Martina, I am responsible for the CMIP6 data references (see CMIP6 Guidance for modelers). I approach you today, because for your institution, I have no citation manager as contact. The job of the citation manager is to collect/coordinate the author list and maintain it using our services.

Will you be the citation manager for ..... 's CMIP6 data? And if not, can you direct me to the right person, please?

Our so-called citation service makes it possible for ESGF data users to cite your CMIP6 data. For the first time, the CMIP data user is able to give you and your colleagues credit for the work and time you spend on creating this data. The prerequisite is that you provide this data reference details, esp. the creator/author list. The data references should be in entered into our system before the data is published in the ESGF.

We use this citation service already for the input4MIPs project. A data reference example is:
Durack, Paul J.; Taylor, Karl E. (2018). PCMDI AMIP SST and sea-ice boundary conditions version 1.1.4. Version 20180427. Earth System Grid Federation.

All valid datasets published in the ESGF with minimal citation information (including at least an author/creator list) will look like this for data users (see here, and click the “Show Citation” link):

And the DOI shown above resolves to the citation landing page, which provides the complete citation information and looks like:

Thanks a lot!

Best wishes,