ESGFCmip5Meetings 20111018QC

CMIP5 QC Telco 2011-10-18

Participants: Dean, Jeff, Kevin, Martin, Martina, Frank (partly)

1. QC status and experiences with the QC checker

IPSL data was checked ok with an older version of the QC tool. BADC is currently waiting for the confirmation of IPSL to assign QC L2. In the future the data providers will be given a time frame of two weeks for answering. If no answer is received within that time, QC L2 will be assigned. With MOHC data problems occurred with the wrapper, HDH solved that problem but changed the configuration, so that it does not fulfil a QC Wrapper application. With the QC checker in standalone version about 80% of the MOHC data are checked. Data will be inserted into the QCDB soon.

The checks on INM data are finished. Some passed and for others PCMDI currently waits for corrected data. At PCMDI a different data structure needed adjustments of the QC Wrapper. The wrapper is constantly updated and the changes applied. The QCDB ingest is currently not possible due to local problems. Jeff will decide in the next week if he can fix the problem with the QCDB access or provide the QC L2 results for DOI data publication process (QC L3) in QC wrapper conform structure on a ftp server for DKRZ. Jeff wrote a QC result analyzing script, which he will share with the other QC managers as well as the QC wrapper changes he made. In future the QC tool should run at the (US) data nodes before replication of the data to PCMDI. The final check and QC L2 assignment will stay at PCMDI. GFDL will be the first data node to do so.
The reaction time and time for fixing software bugs is normally within a day.

A couple of NCC and MPI-M experiments have QC level 2. NCC data was nearly completely replaced and the QC L2 run for a second time. The QC L3 process has started on NCC data.

2. Visibility of QC Status / Access to QC Results

Currently, the QC status and results are only visible at DKRZ but not in the gateways or at the official CMIP5 web page. The available services are

3. Responsibilities for QC L2 (

PCMDI: all at US data nodes published data
BADC: UK data, French data, Canadian data, possibly Korean data
DKRZ: NCC, MPI-M, Japanese data

Korean data: Status of discussion will be send to BADC
Australian data: Dean sends an email to ask about the QC status. Martina will discuss with them the way to access their results for QC L3 afterwards.

Telcos on CMIP5 QC will be held, regularly about once a month.