RAPS: New RAPS benchmark available

Added by Luis Kornblueh over 11 years ago

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology has been providing its Earth System Model for RAPS benchmarking in rather informal way. Because of fundamental changes in the models retrieve and build system, we would like to announce this time its availability and recommend to have a look into this new version.

Another change done is related to the availability of oasis3/mct. The new model version is updated to this coupler version. Setup and scaling is supposed to be improved by this change.

In case you are interested in accessing the model, please send an email to Luis Kornblueh.

RAPS: 15th ECMWF HPC workshop

Added by Luis Kornblueh over 11 years ago

The emphasis of this workshop will be on running meteorological applications at sustained teraflops performance in a production environment. Particular emphasis will be placed on the future scalability of NWP codes and the tools and development environments to facilitate this as we move towards petaflop computing.

You can find details at


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