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DCPP topics:

  1. Naming convention of the model output is not equal to the one of the CMIP6 model release but to an old one. The mapping tables in the WebGUI are configured with the recent file name convention which makes it hard to adapt the post processing headers to the raw model output.
  2. sub_experiment_id is part of the DRS. cdo cmor can create that since version 09-01.
  3. The append mode needed to be corrected because of sub_experiment_id. Otherwise, files initialized in 1960 would be used as chunks for years after decade end.
  4. The reference paper of DCPP contains old names for variables that have been changed in the DReq

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RE: DCPP - Added by Fabian Wachsmann about 3 years ago

After working intensively on the post-processing for DCPP in 2019, the first DCPP ticket for ESGF publication was created on 20.08.2019.
Some adaptions had to be made. The first batch of data could finally be published on 16.10.2019. Now, all batches are published.