Project information

*MPI-ESM1* is a comprehensive global Earth System Model developed at the Max-Planck-Institut (MPI) für Meteorologie. MPI-ESM1 consists of component models ECHAM/JSBACH representing atmosphere, land surface, soil and vegetation and MPIOM/HAMOCC describing ocean, sea ice and ocean biogeochemistry. ECHAM/JSBACH and MPIOM/HAMMOC run as separate executables coupled by the OASIS3-MCT coupler. Following model setups are available:

  • MPI-ESM1-CR (coarse resolution)
  • MPI-ESM1-LR (low resolution)
  • MPI-ESM1-MR (medium resolution)
  • MPI-ESM1-HR (high resolution)
  • MPI-ESM1-XR (very high resolution)

The benchmark package includes source code files, build, run and evaluation scripts. General guidelines for compiling, running, and verifying numerical correctness of the results are provided on Wiki. Up-to-date instructions can be found in the README.txt file distributed with each benchmark package.

All public releases of the MPI-ESM1 benchmark are available for download on the *Files* tab. Input data sets can be downloaded from the *Cloud Storage* hosted at DKRZ.


Manager: Irina Fast, Joachim Biercamp

Developer: Kerstin Ronneberger

Reporter: Olaf Stein