Project information

ICON Kernels focus an selected functionality of the full ICON model with the objective to minimize the following criteria which are considered to hinder ICON software analysis and development:

  • Size of entangled source code
  • Build and experiment setup complexity, including software environment requirements
  • Run-time requirements, including memory and job execution time

Furthermore the following constraints should be considered in the kernel design:

  • The kernel should run as a standalone program without requiring the full model (e.g. as library) but it might depend on other kernels.
  • It should allow verification and performance analysis of the given aspect for the full model (feasibility can be limited, e.g., by the specific full model load imbalance).
  • Modification of the original ICON source code should preserve the possibility to easily transfer further developments between kernel and full model (patch friendlyness).

For more information see: ICON Kernels - Wiki