CKD Workshop @ SC11

The next CKD workshop will be taking place at the SC11 Conference in Seattle, 13 Nov 2011
Added by Tobias Weigel almost 7 years ago

As was discussed during the conclusion of the April 2011 Climate Knowledge Discovery workshop, a follow-on workshop is being organized in conjunction with the SC11 (Supercomputing 2011) conference in Seattle, U.S. The date for the full-day workshop is Sunday November 13, 2011 -more details here. For those of you not familiar with the SC conferences, these are the largest annual events bringing together the international community in high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis.

This second CKD workshop fits in very well with the SC11 cross-cutting thrust of data-intensive computing. Data intensive science is impacting all fields of study, and SC11 will focus on the challenges and opportunities for addressing the exponential growth and demands in the generation and analysis of data. We fully expect the SC11 CKD workshop to be a milestone in an ongoing series of community events in this area. Proceedings of the SC11 CKD workshop will be published online in association with the April 2011 CKD workshop.

Similar to the April meeting in Hamburg, we propose to hold a workshop that brings together research scientists from diverse disciplines to discuss the design and development of methods and tools for knowledge discovery in climate science. The breakthroughs needed to address CKD challenges will come from collaborative efforts involving several disciplines, including end-user scientists, computer and computational scientists, computing engineers, and mathematicians. The multi-disciplinary nature of SC11 provides a unique opportunity to attract and leverage each of these communities. As a follow-on workshop, the objective will be to build on the outcomes of the first workshop.

The workshop is the second in a series of planned workshops to discuss the design and development of methods and tools for knowledge discovery in climate science.

Proposed agenda topics include:
  • Science Vision for Advanced Climate Data Analytics
  • Application of massive scale data analytics to large-scale distributed interdisciplinary environmental data repositories
  • Application of networks and graphs to spatio-temporal climate data, including computational implications
  • Application of semantic technologies in climate data information models, including RDF and OWL
  • Enabling technologies for massive-scale data analytics, including graph construction, graph algorithms, graph oriented computing and user interfaces.

We hope that you will be able to participate and look forward to seeing you in Seattle. For further information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the co-organizers listed below.

Reinhard Budich - MPI für Meteorologie (MPI-M) - reinhard.budich /a/

John Feo - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) – john.feo /a/

Per Nyberg - Cray Inc. – nyberg /a/

Tobias Weigel - Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GmbH (DKRZ) - weigel /a/